DX-RD511 Dual Tray CD Recorder

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The DX-RD511 doesn't just make dubbing CDs easier, it makes perfect quality CDs. It also makes it easy to produce ""best-of"" compilations, as well as everlasting archives of albums and tapes for car CD players and personal stereos. It's biggest plus, though, is it considerably leverages the investment music lovers already have in their CD collections, and home, car and portable CD players. Why 2 CD drives? Convenience. With single-drive recorders, another player has to be connected to the unit in order to record onto a blank CD. Even then, unless it's a newer CD player that has a digital output (many do not), the recording is only a good analog-to-digital copy, rather than a bit-perfect digital-to-digital copy. In addition to providing a wide choice of input sources - an analog input and two digital inputs, one coaxial and one optical - the two digital inputs are independent, so users can hook-up, say, a CD player and a satellite receiver. Convenience that many other CD recorders don't offer includes the ability to label up to 60 characters of CD text for each track title, track artist, disc title, and disc artist. And it's all topped off with the reliability and the impeccable performance people expect from Onkyo - ideal for anyone wanting to create their own perfect originals, every time.

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