IE-CTI300 (S) In-Ear Headphones w/ Control Talk Function

$149 MSRP

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The IE-CTI300: MeetYour New Best Friend

Discover the award-winning sound of Onkyo in-ear headphones with the added convenience of an inline cable controller for Apple devices. Now you can skip tracks, make volume adjustments, and accept or reject calls at the touch of a button on the cable. As a premium hi-fi product, the detachable cable features an oxygen-free 6N copper core sealed in transparent elastomer to reduce tangles and touch noise. Large 14.3 mm (9/16 ̋) dynamic drivers reproduce an exceptionally wide range of frequencies with brilliantly clear mid-range performance. Bass is punchy and musical while leaving plenty of headroom for the treble to breathe. Light, stylish, and comfortable to wear when you’re out and about, the IE-CTI300s are the perfect high-fidelity partner for your iPod® or iOS device.

Seamless Control of Apple Devices

From the 160 GB iPod classic® favored by committed music collectors to the endless entertainment possibilities of iPhone® and iPad®, you’ll find it easier to cue and control your media with the IE-CTI300. Inline controls work with all Apple devices to make on-the-fly adjustments easier. If a call comes in, just tap a button on the control.Your music will mute automatically and you can start talking straight away, with your caller’s voice coming clean and clear through the earphones. View cable and controls close-up.

Detachable Cable with Inline Controls

To strike a balance between sound quality and convenience, your included cable features an oxygen-free 6N copper core that provides close to perfect conductivity, which equals super-clean sound. Encased in a transparent elastomer coating to minimize touch noise, this audiophile-grade cable incorporates an iOS-Certified inline control with mic, allowing users of Apple devices to skip tracks, adjust the volume, and take or reject phone calls at the touch of a button. Gold-plated MMCX connectors , meanwhile, are detachable and let you swap out the cable if you’re unlucky enough to damage it. Note: Some smartphone cases including Apple iPhone 5s/5c cases may prevent a proper cable connection.

High Purity Copper-Core Cable for Pure Sound

The headphone's cable is of critical importance to its sound quality. The IE-CTI300 comes with a 6N oxygen-free copper cable, which delivers almost zero resistance for superior sound.

Insulating the core is a tough and flexible elastomer sheath that minimizes touch noise and ensures the best possible conductivity. It also resists tangling. As with all Onkyo headphones, it's also detachable for easy replacement. View cable close-up.

Deep,Well-Controlled Bass Performance

Experienced headphone users agree that bass response isn't a question of quantity, but quality. Drowning in poorly defined bass does no music any favors, whereas well-balanced low frequencies add weight and dynamism to all kinds of music. Onkyo's engineers spent long hours perfecting the tuning of the IE-CTI300s to produce deep, tuneful bass that doesn't overwhelm the middle frequency band.
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High-Performance Dynamic Drivers

The IE-CTI300s feature an uncommonly large 14.3 mm (9/16"̋) dynamic or moving-coil-type transducer. The design is noted for its durability, accuracy, and ability to reproduce a wide frequency bandwidth, and it's perfected here in a particularly natural-sounding custom driver. Durable aluminum/ABS resin housing provides exceptional rigidity, reducing unwanted vibration. These drivers are sympathetic to compressed audio formats without sacrificing sensitivity for lossless and high-resolution playback.
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Rugged Construction

Onkyo protects your investment with the use of tough, impact-resistant materials. All cable connectors are gold plated to preserve signal integrity and resist the effects of corrosion, extending the life of your headphones.
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Carrying case included.

Comfortable for Long Listening Sessions

The nozzle section on the IE-CTI300 is angled to provide optimum comfort and a secure fit. Four pairs of earpads in a range of sizes are included to ensure a comfortable, secure fit and excellent sound isolation. The ergonomic soft-touch earpads provide a firm, comfortable seal against ambient noise, and won't fatigue during longer sessions. Running for a train or putting your feet up at home, you'll hardly know you're wearing them.

HF Player: Precision EQ App for iOS

Free HF Player includes 16,000-BAND FIR equalizer with memory presets. The in-app purchase upgrade enables 192 kHz/24-BIT DSD, FLAC, WAV playback. The phase-linear FIR equalizer offers 16,384 discrete bands of equalization with zero loss in audio quality. Simply shape your desired frequency curve with a finger on the touchscreen — manipulate bass, mid-bass, mid-range, and treble response. Presets may be created to suit a particular musical genre, artist, album, or pair of headphones, and can be saved, swapped, and loaded in moments.
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Size New 14.3mm High Performance
Type High-Performance Dynamic Drivers
Bass-Reflex Enclosure
Body / Cable
Body Type Anti-Vibration Aluminum/ABS Resin Hybrid
Cable Type High-Purity, 6N Oxygen-Free Copper-Core
Tangle Resistant Cable
Flat Cable
Detachaable Cable ✓ (Easily Swapped / Upgradeable)
Inline Controls ✓ (with mic)
Cable Connectors Gold Plated MMCX
L-Shaped Stereo Plug ✓ (Reinforced)
Supplied Accessories
Instruction Manual
Carrying Case
Soft-touch Earpads ✓ (4 pairs- SS, S, M, L)
Driver Section
Driver Size14.3 mm
Frequency Response15 Hz-22 kHz
Maximum Input Power30 mW
Output Sound Pressure Level105 dB/mW
Nominal Impedance32 Ohms
Cable Section
Inline ControlsX (with mic)
TypeOxygen-Free 6N (99.9999%)
Pure Copper with Thick Elastomer Sheath
Length1.2 m (47 1/4") (x1)
MMCX Connector Gold-Plated Detachable
Stereo PlugGold-Plated 3.5 mm (1/8") L-Type
Weight (without cable)12 g (0.4 oz)

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